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1. Savings on purchases. Our reduced costs resulting from the elimination of distribution inefficiencies are passed on to you.

2. Instant cash rebates. Each order receives a discount that is progressively scaled to the total purchase.

3. Suppliers' product catalogs presented in one convenient database for comparison shopping

4. Weekly product specials in concert with suppliers.

5. Credit card purchasing to earn you independent frequent user points

6. Online shopping 7-day/24-hour. You determine when it's best to shop your order so not to interfere with your productive business hours

7. One-stop-shopping for efficient use of your time and the resulting cost savings

8. Industry's most comprehensive directory of industry suppliers to help you quickly locate products

9. Financial tools essential to running your business, such as insurance and leasing, are made available at aggregate pricing

10. Purchasing reports for your inventory management

11. Technical data and other information to facilitate installation

12. System design and job costing templates to facilitate economy and quotation speed

13. Product news posted directly by suppliers as they make their product developments known

14. Information on monitoring activities, economic matters and new directions to keep you up-to-date in running your business

15. Latest industry news brought to you in partnership with leading trade journals

16. Calendar of industry events as posted directly by expositions and associations on a global basis

17. Articles about trends in the industry presented by the most respected names in our marketplace

18. Employment opportunities as posted directly by companies looking to hire or individuals looking to be hired

19. Business opportunities - businesses for sale, business looking for investors, or simply offers to sell or buy surplus equipment - as posted directly by our community

20. Education and seminars presented as an on-going service to the community at large

21. On-site messaging forum for direct communications between dealers, and where issues of interest to the community are posted, argued, or debunked

22. Free website design provided when SecuritySource hosts your website at a discounted price

23. Multi-language editions of regional news presented in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and of course English

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